Thigh Will Be Done: Is This REALLY Where You Wanna Strap Your iPhone?

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It's not unusual (to borrow a Tom Jones song title) to strap your iPhone to your arm when you're out gallivanting about.  But strapping it to the thickest part of your leg?  Is that really a good idea?

Thiphone seems to think so.  Their US$30.00 "universal thigh mount for iPhone, iPod, Blackberry, or mobile devices" allows you to, as per the ad copy, "[keep] your phone secure so that you can focus on other stuff…watch a movie, write an email, listen to music, drink a frappacino, all at the same time."

(They also insist that using the Thighphone while driving is safer than holding it in your hand — while conveniently forgetting you have to look DOWN to use your device, which means taking your eyes off the road.  Not a good idea in anybody's book…)

This may well rival the Cell-Mate in the "who thought this was actually a useful product?" category.

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