Vonage For iPhone: Next Big Thing, Or Too Little, Too Late?

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News that Vonage has an iPhone app in the pipeline has sent its stock soaring.

The pioneering VOIP company — whose high visibility still hasn't translated into profitability — is hoping to fill a market void left when the House of Jobs unceremoniously yanked Google Voice from the App Store. 

Apple spokeswoman Natalie Kerris confirmed that Vonage did submit an app for review, but technical issues have delayed its approval.

The biggest X factor in Vonage's struggle for App Store approval may be AT&T, as any VOIP tactic essentially sidesteps the Death Star's network (read: wireless profits).  AT&T, already denying any complicity in the Google Voice imbroglio, maintains that their agreement with Apple allows VOIP over Wi-Fi, but any attempts to use their 3G network aren't kosher.

UPDATE 9/2/2009: CNET is reporting that the Vonage app is a "go" for the App Store; however, it's still being beta-tested, and an official street date has yet to be announced.

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