Assaultin’ The Battery: Why Your iPhone Goes Dead In Record Time

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Strategy Analytics, a Boston-based market intelligence company, has concluded that among iPhone users, battery life — or lack thereof — is one of their biggest pet peeves.  (All together now: "Well, duh…")  The quality of the built-in camera runs a close second on the gripe list.

In a report with the succinct title "Retaining and Attracting New Customers: Profiling the Apple iPhone User," SA defines who owns an Apple iPhone, which features and services owners use and want, what the greatest areas of dissatisfaction are, and what existing iPhone owners will be looking for when they come to purchase their next device.

Not surprisingly, the report found that users constantly pounding on their iPhone's Web browser and email features kill their batteries quicker.  (In the interest of fairness, this author personally know two Palm Pre owners who are constantly bitching about how quickly their "Creepy Girl" smartphones gulp down the millamperes.)

Kevin Nolan, Vice-President at Strategy Analytics, concluded, "Given the importance placed on features and style by existing iPhone owners, it is important for Apple to continue to provide innovative, compelling devices, while recognizing the need for improved battery strength."

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[Via Reuters]

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