AT&T Is FINALLY Set To Turn On iPhone MMS Service

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For everyone who's been impatiently waiting to send text messages with self-portraits, LOLcats, and the like from their iPhones — your time is gonna come.

AT&T announced that, despite previous promises to turn on iPhone MMS functionality by summer's end, they're really, truly gonna do it on September 25.  That's when a free software update for 3G and 3GS phones will become available.  (Sorry, iPhone 1 and 2 owners, you're SOL…)

The Death Star admitted they needed extra time to shore up "America's fastest 3G network" (sarcasm MAY be inferred) for an anticipated record onslaught of MMS traffic.  (And to the person whose Keyboard Cat video message brings the whole damn network down in flames: we don't know whether we should burn you at the stake, or buy you dinner.)

And now for the cloud to go with the silver lining: Tethering.  Still a no-go.  Gonna offer it sometime in the future, no set date, gotta make sure the cell towers don't melt, yadda yadda yadda.

Betcha can't wait for that Apple/AT&T iPhone exclusivity pact to end, right?

[Via Gizmodo]

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