Bionic Eye Brings The Augmented Reality Whiz-Bang, Doesn’t Cost Six Million Dollars

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Bionic Eye (formerly Nearest Subway) packs a lot of "where am I?" info into a US$1.00 iPhone app.  The once NYC-centric augmented reality program now works almost anywere in the good ol' USA (and there are flavors for England, France, and Tokyo as well). 

The app has access to over 100,0000 points of interest (restaurants/fast food, subway systems, Wi-Fi hotspots, hotels — and even Apple Stores), using your iPhone 3GS's camera and compass to overlay directions and info onto the live video feed.  (Haven't upgraded your phone yet?  Don't fret: B-Eye also works in conjunction with Google Maps.)  And all this info is contained in less than three megabytes of code, so neither a 3GS or Wi-Fi connection is even needed.  Watch the video to see more:

B-Eye's makers are already promising an update that will reduce loading time. You, on the other hand, need to download this.  Like now.

[Download from iTunes]

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