Bose Says “What’s Up, Dock?” With Heavy, Pricey iPod Amp

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Bose has never pretended to be the audio company for everybody, but their high-end, often radically-designed speaker systems have consistently lived up to their hype in the audiophile community (even as they continue to shill their tabletop CD players to the PARADE magazine/AARP demographic).

In the latest of what seems to be an onslaught of Lexus-class iDevice sound docks, they've introduced the SoundDock 10: just shy of twenty pounds in weight — and US$600 in price.  Like most Bose hi-fi gear, it's designed to fill a room with sound with clever psychoacoustic tricks (in this case, folded waveguide channels that measure out to 52 inches unstretched).  Additionally, the iPhone/iPod dock can be swapped out to accept other devices, although currently the only option is Bose's own A2DP Bluetooth receiver, which will set you back another US$149.00.

The unit is scheduled to debut on September 21.  Meanwhile, enjoy this video teardown of its innards:

[Via Engadget]

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