Brown Bag Special: Ninety-Nine Cent iPhone Case Is Cardboard, Recyclable

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When it comes to environmentally-friendly iPhone cases, brown is the new green.

Case-Mate's iPhone 3G / 3GS Recession Case is simplicity itself: a no-frills cardboard cover that'll set you back a measly US$0.99 for one, or US$7.99 for the "Bailout Bundle" ten-pack.  If plain brown is TOO plain for your tastes, feel free to color/illustrate/Bedazzle it to your heart's content, then throw it away…er, put it  in the paper recycle bin…when it's worn out or you're tired of it.

While Case-Mate's serious about saving the planet and your budget, they're not too solemn about the Recession Case, as some of the FAQ's make quite clear (example: "Q) Is this case flammable?
A) If you light it on fire it is").  They even provide an animated GIF to show you how to put the thing together:

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(We're guessing that, thanks to said recession, they can't afford a FlipPhone to upload a video to YouTube…)

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