Deflated Zeppelin: Bowers & Wilkins Unveils Smaller Speaker Dock

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Back in 2007, high-fidelity audio house Bowers & Wilkins unveiled the Zeppelin speaker dock for iPhones and iPod Touches, which if nothing else lived up to its name, shape-wise.  Today, they unveil a smaller, less expensive version, the Zeppelin Mini.  And by "smaller" we mean literally smaller, physically and sonically (35W vs. 50W), and by less expensive we mean "they shaved US$100 off the MSRP, so now you only have to pay US$495.00."  You also get an updated docking arm and USB connectivity (for both syncing and streaming audio directly from your computer).

The ZepMini won't take to the air (oy) until October, so until then you'll have to console yourself with the following video overview:

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