Digital Post-Mortem: So Where’s The iPod Touch Camera?

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Conspicuous in its absense at the recent Apple "It's Only Rock And Roll" keynote address was the long-rumored camera upgrade for the iPod Touch 3G – especially in light of baby brother iPod Nano getting its own video camera as a birthday present.

The answer may come from two sources: iFixit's recent disassembly of the new iTouch, and previously leaked photos of same from the Covino & Rich radio show.  Both show a hardware mod located right about where a camera lens/sensor should be (and in fact is on the leak) — hardware, in fact, that differs significantly from the 2G iPod Touch.

So the question remains: why was the iTouch 3G camera 86'd, and when — if ever — will it see the light of day?

[Via Engadget and MacRumors]

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