Gettin’ In Tune With T-Pain On Your iPhone

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Lots of people are sick and tired of auto-tuning, the computer trick of matching a singer's voice to the pitch of the underlying music.  (There's an entire subset of YouTube videos consisting of news anchors, politicians, and the alike who have been auto-tuned to hilarious effect.)

Put rapper T-Pain the column of those who DON'T hate auto-tuning.  In fact, T likes it so much, he incorporated it into his new signature iPhone app.  I Am T-Pain, made in conjunction with music app house Smule, lets users sing into their iPhone mics (either "acapella" or to a T-Pain track) before adding that auto-tune goodness.  The results can be emailed to friends or posted on Facebook and MySpace.

To get a taste of the app, check out the video below, in which T (pardon the phrase) pimps his new app to friends including Funkmaster Flex, Ludacris, Sean Kingston, and Akon:

[Via Edible Apple]

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