Heads Up! Wearable iPhone Navigation System For Cyclists In The Works

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Seems that Dahon's not the only bicycle company banging out product for iPhone owners (see our previous articles on their bike-powered USB charger and all-weather handlebar mount).

Japan's Ubiquitous Entertainment Inc. is prototyping an iPhone-based navigation system for cyclists.  The "iPhone Arider" couples a stock iPhone with Scalar Corporation's model T3-A retractable head-mounted display.  The handset runs the GPS app of your choice and routes the video to the eye-level viewer.  Bikers can also make and receive hands-free phone calls via Bluetooth, and even use the TwitBird Pro app to get push notifications from their Twitter stream.

And for those who look at the picture above and question (a) the helmet-mounted — and otherwise unprotected — iPhone and (b) the safety concerns of a heads-up display of any kind, repeat after me: "Prototype.  Prototype.  Prototype…"  Everyone else can watch this video of said prototype at work:

[Via Zikkir]

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