Here comes the BOOM: Subwoofer Drives Sony’s iPhone/iPod Dock

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Sony's SRS-GD50iP is not just a 2.1-channel USB speaker system — it's a 2.1-channel etc. with an integrated iPhone/iPod dock.  Not to mention a big, honkin', bomb-the-bass subwoofer.

The USB connection servers a dual purpose.  It lets your cradles iDevice charge and sync to iTunes, as well as acting as a general-purpose speaker system for your computer.  The 60W total audio output should be able to handle METAL GEAR's biggest explosions, as well as whatever carefully-orchestrated white noise Trent Reznor dreams up in the next few years.

The SRS-GD50iP, which is compatible with a wide range of full- and Nano-sized iThingies, should be hitting the retail chute momentarily.  Expect an MSRP in the US$150-199 range.

[Via SonyInsider]

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