Hit The Road, Jack: Navigon Takes The Lead In iPhone GPS

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Up to this point, we at iSmashPhone.com have been pretty bullish on TomTom's approach to iPhone-based GPS navigation (click here for our recent head-to-head comparison of the top GPS apps).

But Navigon's recent upgrade to their MobileNavigator app could change all that.  The latest version adds a new text-to-speech converter that does its damnedest to sound out street names, making it unique so far amongst its iGPS brethren. 

There's also a more seamless integration with the existing iPod controls; as the company brags in their press release, "Drivers can now enjoy the full range of iPod functionalities with a simple one-click from map access to artists, titles, albums, audio books, podcasts and playlist selections. The feature also takes advantage of the shuffle, and automatic playlist generating technology within iPod. The driver can listen to songs again or leave it to the device to generate a random selection."

Oh, and at US$89.99, it's also ten bucks cheaper than TomTom's app.  If you're already a registered user, the upgrade's free.

[Available from iTunes]

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