iTunes 9 Store Reorganization Has Some Developers Crying Foul

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The release of version 9 of iTunes has been accompanied by a reorganization within the App Store — and a lot of developers aren't happy.

iT9 has changed the way apps are presented,
with a larger scrolling section for new and noteworthy apps and more
prominent promotional spots on the App Store main page. This is likely
to drive sales for apps that win, or buy, a place in these high-profile

The discontent comes from smaller programmers, who must compete with the 8,500 new or updated apps submitted every week.  Even worse, they say, is how iTunes 9 no longer defaults to browsing by subcategory and no longer shows top apps lists for those subcategories.  Some game coders in particular are seeing lost sales when their apps — previously high up in their particular subcategory — get thrown in with the "general prison population."  The overriding fear is that Apple is throwing more support behind big development outfits at the expense of the little guys.

[Via Information Week]

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