Junaio Bringing The “Outerworld” To The iPhone (And Elsewhere), This November

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San Francisco-based metaio [sic] has announced November 2 as the launch date for junaio [likewise], an augmented-reality app which is summed up thusly:

junaio allows you to create, explore and share
information in a completely new way using augmented reality. By
combining innovative online and mobile technologies you will be able to
see any kind of location-based content through the display of your
mobile phone. junaio is bringing the Internet to the real world around
you. So get ready for the Outernet experience and join in!

The page link includes a full press-release and an animated demo clip (because "we spent all our time on development").  Currently, junaio is set for release as an iPhone-only app (no iPod Touch support — it requires a camera), with Android and Symbian flavors to follow.

Game-changer — or vaporware?  We'll know in about five weeks, eh?

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