New iWear: Widescreen Video, Better Form Factor

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Vuzix's previous versions of the iWear were a good idea (immersive graphics, variety of supported devices) marred by less-than-sleek design; more than one critic has made the comparison to STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION's Geordie LaForge's visor.

The upcoming Wrap 310 goes a long way to correct that, hiding true 16×9 widescreen displays in a more traditional sunglasses frame.  It comes with a standard iPhone/iPod Touch adapter, but will accept composite video from a wide variety of media players, video games, cameras/camcorders, and cell phones.  With optional adapters, it can even accept HDMI or computer VGA video.  A more advanced model, the Wrap 920, ups the ante with a "see-through lens design" — perfect for that new augmented-reality iPhone app you're trying out.

Vuzix promises the new Wraps sometime this fall; pricing has not yet been set.

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