SmartScreen: New Info Widgets, Same Old Apple Non-Approval

Swiss-based iPhone coders MediaPhone have announced the pending arrival of SmartScreen, which places various information "widgets" (date/time, calendar, weather, stocks) on your iPhone's lock screen.  The widgets can even be moved and rearranged with a simple tag-'n'-drag.  (See the app in action in the video above.)

Sounds a bit like IntelliScreen, nu?  As a matter of fact, SmartScreen is also a jailbroken-phone-only app.  This hasn't stopped MediaPhone from putting out a call to widget developers who'd like to take part in the beta-testing process — or for that matter, promising an SDK come November.

As you might recall, Apple recently filed for some new patents that proposed changes to the iPhone's notification dialog.  Should those patents go into effect, both IntelliScreen and SmartScreen could find themselves "orphaned" by an official, House of Jobs-sanctioned version of their clever hacks.

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