“Take A Stab” At Playing The DEXTER iPhone Game

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And now, an iPhone game app that gives new meaning to the phrase "killing time."

Okay, bad serial-killer puns over for now.  Especially since we're talking about Dexter, the hit cable series about a likeable sociopath whose code of ethics compells him to seek out the scum of the earth (or at least the Miami, Florida franchise thereof), upon whom he can safely slake his bloodlust. 

The game — a co-production of  Showtime and Marc Ecko Entertainment, with star Michael C. Hall voicing his character – lets you become Dexter as he uses his day job (a forensic scientist for the Miami-Dade Police) to research new candidates for his killing floor.  Unlike most games, you lose not by dying, but by getting caught — or slicing 'n' dicing an undeserving innocent.

Here's the game trailer:

And here's Ecko describing the game to ATTACK OF THE SHOW co-host Olivia Munn (whose official website, in the interests of full disclosure, is part of Ecko's Complex Magazine website):


[US$5.99 from the App Store]

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