The Beast With Ten Arms: USB Adapter Charges Everything For Ten Bucks

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Call it the computer equivalent of JON AND KATE PLUS EIGHT — or, God help us, the Octomom

Hot on the heels of Bluelounge's sleek-but-pricey multiple-device charging stations, accessory maker USB Fever has fired back with a ten-connector charging cable for US$9.99.

The Super USB Mobilephone Charger has connectors for iPhone/iPod, Nokia and Samsung (2 each), Sony Ericcson, LG, USB Mini 5 and Micro flavors, and the Sony PSP.  The company cautions that only the iPhone connector will also act as a sync cable; furthermore, only one item can be connected at a time.  There's also an included voltage booster for Nokia phones, if needed.

Even if you currently have only one or two devices that will work with the cable, ten bucks isn't a bad price to pay for something that won't become obsolete in a year or two.  Then again, if you make this your ONLY charging/syncing solution, better buy two: you know what they say about putting all your eggs in one basket…

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