There’s An ARMY OF DARKNESS iPhone Soundboard? Groovy.

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Attention, iPhone-equipped Bruce Campbell fans!  Can't  wait until USA Networks brings back Burn Notice to get a fresh fix of your square-jawed cult icon?

Well, chill out and grab your (free!) copy of MGM Studios' official Army of Darkness soundboard app.  That's right, the third (and furthest-out-there) entry in Sam Raimi's EVIL DEAD trilogy comes to the iPhone and iPod touch with all the sound bites (and accompanying footage) you know and love ("This…is my BOOM STICK!").  Play them at will, pop 'em up at random, play 'em in delay mode, even search for Easter eggs.

The app is only one of several MGM movie-themed soundboards available (including eminently-quotable entries like FARGO, ROBOCOP, SILENCE OF THE LAMBS, and ROCKY).  But hell, the presence of Mr. Brisco County Jr. alone makes this a must-download!

[Available on iTunes]

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