Turn On, Tune In, Opt Out: AT&T’s Stealth MMS Rollout

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AT&T recently announced that, yes, they'd FINALLY be turning out MMS support for all their iPhone customers, but it wouldn't be until September 25th and please don't kill their network on Day One with a flood of self-portraits, LOLcats, and unwatchable videoclips from the last Nine Inch Nails concert.  In fact, the Death Star reportedly decided to put opt-out service codes on all of its iPhone users' accounts until the company could beef up its network to accommodate the new demand.

Except…random people are discovering that their iPhones can already do MMS messaging, a good two weeks before the switch is officially thrown.  Photographer Kevin McGinty was one such lucky owner, and posted the screenshot above on his Twitter feed.

If you're one of the lucky "early adapters," you should see a new "Cellular Data Network" menu item within the General/Network page of the Settings app and a new camera icon within the Messages app for sending photos.  Some people have tried upgrading the OS or installing a modified carrier bundle to speed up the process (McGinty reports having OS 3.1 and carrier file AT&T 5.0), but at the end of the day — regardless of software, calling plan, even geographic location — it really seems to be up to the luck of the draw if you'll get MMS turned on before the 25th.

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