Voice Choice: Line2 VOIP App Now Available On iTunes

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The Apple vs. voice-over-IP-apps imbroglio just got a bit more interesting.

Toktumi's Line2 VOIP app was recently added as an official App Store entry — three months after it was first submitted, and in the wake of Apple's abrupt pulling of the Google Voice and associated apps.

Like GV mobile, Line2 gives the user the ability to assign two phone numbers to their iPhone: one that they can give to family and friends, and another that can be
given to business contacts, with features that allow for call filtering
and a professional-grade voicemail system.  Unlike Google's app, Toktumi's service doesn't support SMS, and it costs US$14.95/month whereas Google Voice is free.

The reason for the gap?  Line2 got caught in the GVoice crossfire (Apple continues to maintain it was pulled because it duplicated existing iPhone functionality) and the resulting FCC investigation.  Not one to concede defeat, Toktumi CEO Peter Sisson pestered Apple officials for a decision on Line2; his persistence clearly paid off.

Visit Line2.com
for more info; the first 200 US-based users to sign up using the promo code
743623718 will be able to access 3 months of unlimited US/Canada
calling and cheap international calls, as well as Toktumi’s other
features like a professional-grade voicemail system. The iPhone app can be downloaded here.

[Via TechCrunch]

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