Why So Sirius? Satellite Radio Solution Offers Free App, Pricey Adapter

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Sirius XM satellite radio, it would seem, still doesn't quite get it.

The new SkyDock — currently the only official way to listen to sat-radio in your car via your iPhone/iPod touch — is basically a glorified cigarette-lighter plug-in receiver that picks up the dulcet tones of Howard Stern and/or Opie & Anthony and beams them into your FM radio. The iPhone runs an app that controls the adapter.  That's it.  You could look at it as a glorified iPhone holder/charger that also picks up sat-radio, and you wouldn't be too far off the mark.

While the controller app is free, the receiver will set you back around US$120.00, plus the cost of a Sirius XM monthly subscription.  Currently, the device is awaiting full FCC approval.

[Via All Things Digital]

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