Adobe Flash on iPhone: The Saga Continues

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iPhone users eager for the next version of Adobe's Flash will have to wait a little while longer. Adobe originally announced plans to develop an iPhone-friendly Flash client to replace the CPU-draining standard Flash as well as the subpar Flash Lite in June '08. Now, two months shy of the announcement's year and a half anniverasry, Adobe declared today that that its Flash 10.1 — which will fully support even YouTube HD thanks to GPU acceleration — will be available for virtually every smartphone out there but the iPhone. Disheartened? It gets worse. It turns out the reason the iPhone may be left out of the new Flash arena is Apple's own fault. 

The obvious fact that Adobe already managed to develop betas of the new Flash for the iPhone's main competitors, the Blackberry and the Android, points to the fact that the reason for the setback is not Adobe's development team. Moreover, Adobe itself admitted "not much progress" regarding the iPhone's Flash version due to it still being "a closed device." The full Flash client won't come out until mid 2010, meaning there's still plenty of time for Adobe and Apple to figure out a prudent middle ground and/or for some devoted iPhone users to make vehement demands for their device to not be left out of the Flash.  You gonna see Flash apps but not Flash Safari Plugin.