China Unicom Ready For iPhone Launch

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They say imitation is the best form of flattery and looks like the Chinese are going all out to flatter Apple! Since the launch of the iPhone, the Chinese electronic markets have been flooded with iPhone imaitations and in case you are wondering, they do sell like hot cakes. In fact those who are fans of irony will appreciate the fact that the fake iPhone sell more than the real thing.

However now that the iPhone will be launched officially in the coming week by China Unicom, it will be interesting to witness the battle between the real and fake. Unicom is quite positive about the iPhone's success rate as they hope to sell around five million handsets in three years. However mobile experts are raining on Unicom's parade as according to them those who wanted an iPhone, already have an iPhone. 

Says one Shaun Rein, head of the Shanghai-based China Market Research Group:

"When the iPhone came out in the United States in 2007, there was a huge demand here, and a lot of people were going to the United States, buying handsets, cracking the code and selling it here."

Only time will tell if China Unicom will be able to achieve its lofty goals, till then it will be interesting to witness the face-off between the real and the fake. 

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