Code Mishap Allows For EyeTV To Stream Over 3G

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For a short last week, the EyeTV iPhone app, which allows for streaming media from computer to iPhone, operated over Apple's 3G network. The problem is that it is limited to WiFi. The 'Wi-Fi only' warning on the app was in fact moot, as after tapping the warning itself the app will begin streaming over a 3G connection. Over the course of the day, Apple picked up on this glitch in the matrix and removed the app from the store. In response to Apple's actions, Elgato — the developers of the EyeTV iPhone app — released a statement saying that some code had to be reworked and the app will be re-released to the store. If you were one of the lucky folks to get the app during this opportune times, post your thoughts. [BGR]

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