Everybody Has to Hake a Living, so Devs of Alchemize Push Price Tag to $39

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Everybody has to put food on their table, yet it seems that
some iPhone users wish to see the developers of their precious apps go
on a prolonged diet. Recent user outbursts directed at the app
Alchemize's $3 price tag (outbursts totalling at 3400 emails a month to
be exact… a lot of hate mail) have led the developers to
raise the app's price to $39 out of spite. 

To be honest, I can't really
blame them. Clearly none will pay $39 for a $3 app (Alchemize will
regain its original price tag after the 12th), but the statement the
devs are making is clear cut. You can't overcharge apps for the obvious
fact that there won't be a market for them, but the devs have to charge
a certain price to keep their jobs afloat. Striking the balance between
too-expensive-for-anybody-to-buy and making profit is a difficult task,
but $3 for an electronic app whilst a Whopper costs around $5 seems to
be as fair as it can realistically get. 

The app store provides great
content for the iPhone. Pushing developers to the point of jacking up
an app's price out of spite (a tactic that loses them business, by the
way) is certainly the wrong way for the users to show appreciation for
some really wonderful products. Let us not bite the hand that feeds —
give developers credit where credit's due and pay the price. If you are
complaining about a $3 app for a device that costs three digits then
perhaps you should be developing your own apps. [via Cultofmac]

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