Flash For Cash: How The iPhone Could Help Flash Coders Make Some Real Money

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Adobe recently announced that the upcoming version of their Flash Professional CS5 developer kit would let coders take their Flash-based games and apps and port them over to an iPhone platform.  Assuming said ports passed muster with Apple, they could then be sold via the App Store.

This is HUGE news for Flash code monkeys who'd previously been starving while developing their wares; despite the large number of programmers out there (over 1 million) and the ubiquitousness of the Flash platform (except on iDevices, natch), there's still no clearcut Flash-coding business model.  Outside of working for corporate/commercial sites, many independent Flash authors have to resort to various sponsorship/licensing/embedded-ad approaches in the hopes of making any kind of money.  Adobe's developer kit would also alleviate the current need to manually recode a Flash game using the iPhone SDK.

Keep in mind that the Flash CS5 developer kit isn't due until 2010 — and for every silver-lining story of a runaway iPhone app success that might lure potential Flash coders in, there's also plenty of nightmare scenarios (mostly due to Apple‚Äôs inconsistent and unclear App Store approval policies) that could keep them away.

[Via Wired]

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