GeoHot Claims The Jailbreak To End All Jailbreaks…Sort Of

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Over at his On the iPhone blog, purplera1n creator and Dev-Team competitor George Hotz announced "And prepare to meet the program that will jailbreak them all" — meaning a pwnage that works on OS 3.1 firmware.


Minor setback today, when Chronic revealed the exploit that this will use. For apparently no purpose except to save face in front of their
donators. Future reference, never donate until you have a product in
hand and working. Look, as much as I fight with the dev team, they
always have the community's interests at heart, maybe even more so than
me. But chronic just stomped all over what the community wants. Who can
actually do something with the info they released? Well, you know, Apple.

Seems that, with Chronic spilling the beans, the purported uberhack is in jeopardy.  In fact, smartass contributor Jailbreak's claims "Whoever wants to beta test this jailbreak can do so here: DOWNLOAD GEOHOT JAILBREAK" is nothing more than a Rick-roll.

Stay tuned: SOMEBODY'll bust 3.1's cherry.

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