HTC Hero On Sprint: First Impression – iPhone and iPhone OS Has to Improve

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If you're an Android fan, you can get the new HTC Hero on Sprint before the October 11th release date.  In order to get on the Android train any earlier, you just have to be a Best Buy Reward Club member.  If you're not, you can sign-up and bring a print out of the members only ‚Äúspecial coupon page‚Äù (page 6 for the HTC Hero). This is what we did, and it worked.

It took less then 30 minutes to get the HTC Hero at our local Best Buy, and they didn’t care whatsoever that we had a printed out coupon and became reward club members only a few minutes prior.

See some pictures below comparing the HTC Hero to the iPhone 3GS and Palm Pre.

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First of all, we are avid users and fans of the iPhone, Palm Pre, and Android G1.  We love all three devices, considering that each has it's own pros and cons.

As far as the HTC Hero, here are our first impressions:

– Very light but well balanced while holding.

– Touch screen and tactile feedback works well. The tactile vibration is not as annoying as we though it would be.

– Operating system design is great, looks great, and feels great.  Way better compared to when Android was just released.

– Missing proximity sensor.

Р7 Buttons on the bottom Рlove it. Seven buttons just made us realize that one “Home Button” on iPhone was a great idea two years ago. The one button model is too simplistic for a device which can do anything.

– After using Palm and Android (with the ability to run background apps), it really makes the absence of backgrounding on the iPhone terribly irritating. Push is nice, but it's not the same as background.

– Bottom line: HTC Hero is a great device.  We would recommend it to any one.

Given the competition, it’s getting clear that Apple has to improve the iPhone OS and next version of the iPhone if they want to stay on top. The competition (unlike before) is getting good. Over 80,000 apps cannot be a selling point forever. Palm was an industry leader with tons of apps, but they did not innovate, and they lost the edge. Hopefully Apple won’t make the same mistake.