Layar Hands On Me: Super-Duper Augmented Reality App Jumps From Android To iPhone

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Thanks to the iPhone 3GS' open-access videocamera and build-in compass and GPS, augmented reality programs have exploded onto the scene.  Don't believe us?  We've already looked at a slew of 'em, on various phone platforms.

Layar, one of the best of the bunch — and up until now, an Android-exclusive AR app — just got ported to the iPhone platform.  If you're an info-dump/TMI fan, Layar gives it to you in spades: geotagged Wikipedia entries, Flickr photos, even local Tweets, as well as the usual real estate, prices, health care providers, ATM machines, and even jobs.

Still not convinced to try it out?  Check out the price.  Or lack thereof.  Yeah, it's free.  And you just ran out of excuses.

[Available from the App Store]

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