MapQuest: Latest Entry to iPhone GPS Market Provides a Simpler but Cheaper Alternative

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Although the MapQuest Navigator wasn't mentioned in our ratings of the
best GPS apps
it is now trying to squeeze its way into the mobile market. AOL's
mapping service is network-based, which leaves you with plenty of extra
room on your device (the maps are stored on external servers and are
always up to date) but also leaves you hanging directionless if you
happen to lose service. 

The reviews so far point to a barebones,
slightly simplistic navigation app that is limited in display options.
The pitching point for the Navigator comes from its price: $4, $10, and
$30 for monthly, querterly, and yearly rates (not including the
mandatory $3.99 fee). So, if you're feeling like your wallet is
light yet you still need to get places, don't despair; AOL's MapQuest
Navigator is here to help. [iTunes]

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