Me-Too Megabucks: AT&T Also Posts Record iPhone Sales

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Did you honestly think that Apple was the only company who sold a truckload of iPhones last fiscal quarter?

AT&T released their own earnings statement for fiscal Q3, and here are some (staggering) key points:

* 4.3 million postpaid 3G integrated wireless devices added to AT&T's network, the largest quarterly increase in the company's history; integrated device growth included 3.2 million iPhone activations, also the company's largest quarterly total to date [Translation: 74% of new AT&T customers opted for iPhones]

* 2.0 million increase in total wireless subscribers – highest third-quarter net gain in the company's history – to reach 81.6 million, up 6.7 million over the past year; 1.4 million retail postpaid wireless net adds in the quarter

* Best-Ever Third-Quarter Subscriber Gain. Total wireless subscribers increased by 2.0 million in the third quarter – up slightly from results in the year-earlier quarter and up 48.1 percent versus net adds in the second quarter of this year.

Now if the Death Star could just take some of that revenue and, y'know, improve the actual network…

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