Mozillas In The Mist: What Are The Firefox People Cooking Up For The iPhone?

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Mystery Of The Week: John Lilly, CEO of Mozilla (those nice people behind the Firefox browser) recently hinted that they would be "[releasing] an app to the iPhone App Store in the next few weeks [and] it'll surprise people."

So what is it? Some speculate that it could be a smartphone browser along the lines of Mozilla's Fennec; others are convinced it'll be an implementation of Weave, the web-client bookmark/password/cookie-syncing — a feature that Apple's own Mobile Me doesn't support.  Yet.

Much of this spec is oscillating between Apple's own diametrically opposed policies: on the one hand, they've started approving more third-party browser apps, but on the other, they're quick to put the kibosh on programs that (in Uncle Steve-speak) "duplicate features [and] cause confusion."

One thing's for sure: it WON'T be a Firefox port — Mozilla has already said that ain't happening.  No other hints are forthcoming at the moment.

[Via Lifehacker]

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