New Verizon TV Spot Bitch-Slaps AT&T, Apple

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Verizon's latest television advertisement flips the bird at the AT&T/iPhone marriage: "If you want to know why your 3G coverage works so well on Verizon
Wireless, there's a map for that…If you want to know why some people have spotty 3G coverage, there's a map for that

Oh, snap.

The House of Jobs has already drawn heat in the United Kingdom for (real or perceived) lack-of-truth in advertising.  Early this year, a consumer-group complaint about the App Store's "there's an app for everything" slogan; after a review, the Advertising Standards Authority found no issue with the slogan.  However, their 2008 "all parts of the Internet are on the iPhone" claim was struck down by the realization that the iPhone supported neither Flash nor Java — both major components of a wide variety of web sites.

[Via AppleInsider]

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