Pattern Recognition: Xsights Generates Rich Content From Static Images…Kind Of

Xsights offers a different take on the whole "augmented reality" hoo-ha.  Rather than a live-video overlay, it works by snapping a pic of a static image, then churning away in the background before popping up related info.  Kind of like those price-comparison apps, but not limited to a barcode.  (This Flash demo explains the entire process.)

That's the theory, at any rate.  The (un-augmented) reality is that, unless the content's already in place through interested third parties, you're not gonna get much.

In all fairness, Xsights is still a startup, and their iPhone app's a downloadable beta (Blackberry and Sony Ericsson flavors are Due Momentarily), so we'll withhold judgement for the nonce.

[Via TechCrunch]

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