Read The Docs: New Medical Apps For iPhones Are Useful, Inexpensive

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Dr. Gregory House can now do more with his iPhone than just watch his favorite soap operas.

Let's list some medical apps:

  • ImageVis3D Mobile (free) lets users manipulate, display and rotate 3D images from CT (computerized tomography) and MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) scans, as well as other images.  
  • AnatomyLab (the most expensive of the three at US$9.99) is a highly-detailed virtual dissection of a human cadaver with forty different views available — strong stomach not included, but highly recommended.  
  • For the general public and/or more squeamish users, MyBody (US$1.99) is a less explicit version of AnatomyLab that shows the human body inside and out.

Have fun!

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