Layer for iPhone Tracks The US Govt Bailout Money

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Now just
don’t rant about the government and that awful R word (recession for the
uninitiated). Instead get the‚Äù  Layers App for the iPhone and
get a real time view of all the places where the $787 billion American Recovery
and Reinvestment Act has been wasted invested.

The “” Layer is an augmented reality (AR)
based application, which is capable of pinpointing in real time and space all
the businesses, that were financed by the US Government using the tax payers

 So how
does it work? Download the application from the iTunes store for free, load it
on your iPhone and then go for a walk in a big city or a business district.
Then search for "recovery" or "sunlight" within Layer to
find this layer and you should be able to view all the businesses that
benefited from your hard earned money! Quite an interesting application though
we don’t know if to call it innovative or just plans sadistic!

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