Return To For-Never: App Store’s Refund Policy Is Controversial

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The New York Times has concluded that the App Store's policy on returning an app that isn't working out for you can be summed as "Are you f***ing kidding us?!?"

In fact, according to paragraph 12B of Apple’s App Store Terms and Conditions, you’re entitled to your money back if, and ONLY if, “On occasion, technical problems may delay or prevent delivery of your product.”

Obviously, this is a moot point for the US$0.99-and-under category of fritterware.  But when you're spending tens or even hundreds of dollars on a professional app that may not work the way you wanted — or even work at all — it's a HUGE issue.

Apple contends that the App Store's copious reviews, user feedback, and sales charts should help buyers decide whether or not to purchase an app.  But the reviews and feedback comments are often widely — and wildly — divergent; comments in particular need to be taken with a football-sized grain of salt.

(Speaking of salt grains, FWIW, we here at iSmashPhone have heard from people who contacted Apple for refunds and had no issues getting their money back…).  Tell us about your experience in comments.

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