Rockband On the iPhone Will Rock Your World

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Gutiar Hero and Rockband revolutionized social gaming and cluttered
college dorm rooms with plastic musical instruments for a damn good
reason: both games are incredibly fun to play. Which is why I couldn't
be more ecstatic for the upcoming Rock Band for the iPhone. The iPhone
version translates the plastic guitar and drum set to the taps of your
finger tips, leaving the game's dynamic of hitting notes as they zoom
by unchanged. What is incredibly cool, however, is that you'll be able
to play multi-player over Bluetooth and even invite friends over
Facebook to join a jam session. I am curious to see how the difficulty
level carries over to the iPhone, as playing Expert on Guitar Hero or
Rockband can be taxing on the fingers as well as the sanity. Bring the
hosue down with this new app when it's released in a few weeks. [Mashable]

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