Take It Outside: Dr. iPod’s External iPhone Battery

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"Dr. iPod" is the nom du hack of a Hungarian iPhone repairman and tinkerer, who — frustrated at the battery drain of his iPhone — hit upon the novel approach of a second, external battery, itself housed in a second, piggybacked iPhone case he just happened to have lying around.  (His blog gives step-by-step pictures of the process, and [unlike the rest of his site] is at least in English.)

While admitting the "HD" (for "heavy duty") mod adds millimeters and grams to the iPhone's size (not to mention hours to the charging time), he estimates that a day's moderate usage still leaves him with 96% battery capacity, as opposed to 60-70% with the single power source.  (Voided warranty?  What's that?)

No word on whether the Doc will offer this "iPhone-kenstein"/"Thing With Two Brains" mod outside of his native country, if at all.

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