The DonateLive iPhone App Pushes Organ Donation

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The iPhone is no longer just satiating the needs of multimedia aficionados or serving as a communication device. Now you can actually become a Good Samaritan at the touch of a button, thanks to all the altruistic applications available on the iTunes store. Case in point, the DonateLive application courtesy Serenity Integration.

 Developed by Richard Thaler, DonateLive is an application, which lists all the important information regarding organ donation in your state. Not only does it provide information regarding organ centers in the US, but also gives vital tips on how to sign up for this worthy cause. The application is available for free on the iTunes Stores and is compatible with both iPhone as well as the iPod Touch.

DonateLive may not help people to overcome their hesitation over organ donation, however it may just give them the push they require. Of course one may argue , that given the serious issue associated with this application, majority of the iPhone users may not be tempted to download it. While this may hold true, DonateLive is a noble attempt by Serenity Integration and hence deserves a mention on iSmashPhone.