The HMS Mobile Swine Flu App Keeps You Armed Against This Deadly Disease

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Unless you are living under a rock, you would have been aware of the Swine Flu and the havoc it has been wrecking in the past few months. What started as an outbreak in Mexico, has now become a global ongoing epidemic resulting in a number of fatalities. Hence it doesn‚Äôt come as a surprise, that there is a Swine Flu based application on the iTunes Store! 

The HMS Mobile Swine Flu Center application, which is available on the iTunes Store for $1.99, seeks to be an one-stop guide on this deadly disease. For the uninitiated, HMS is an acronym for the Harvard Medical School, so you know you are in good hands and hence can trust the information on the application. 

Apart from providing all the necessary information in text, the application also gives unrestricted access to videos, animations and features real-time updates and news from the Harvard Medical School. It also educates you on the risks associated with Swine Flu and lists hotline numbers based on the user location. So if you are concerned about this disease affecting you and your loved ones, the HMS Mobile Swine Flu Center application is just what the doctor ordered!