The Shipping News: Apple’s “Air Freight” Reference May Hint At Xmas Tech Toy

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During a recent telephone conference to discuss Apple's quarterly results, Senior VP/CFO Peter Oppenheimer and COO Tim Cook made a casual reference to a forecast of increased air freight costs in December.  When pressed for details, Cook explained, "The air freight is not related to the iPhone, so these are unrelated topics," noting that the air freight is planned to get enough units into the channel in time for the holidays.  Added Oppenheimer, "I'm sorry I can't be specific on the product, but it's an abnormal sequential increase."

So just what IS "the product" in question?  Theories abound, including a camera-equipped iPod Touch (unlikely, so soon after the high-profile rollout of all those other new 'Pods), the "Apple TV," possibly even a Mac-netbook.  But the most likely suspect is the long-rumored, nearing-mythical-status Apple tablet — especially in light of the success of Amazon's Kindle and Barnes and Noble's Nook.  Barring that, a bigger iTouch would definitely be a welcome present under the Christmas tree.

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