The Untold Story of iPhone and Motorola Droid: Inspiration & Perspiration

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It was inventor Thomas Edison who famously said "genius is one percent inspiration and 99 percent perspiration" and the man knew what he was talking about. Even in today's modern context, this holds true and anyone who doubts it, we have just one word to say to you, the "iPhone".

Not many know that the prototype of the iPhone was a complete flop and was plagued by problems. The fact that Apple had already signed up with AT&T made things worse. So what did the Apple team do? Instead of giving up, the rallied together and worked their damnedest to come up with the product they envisioned. Sure there were screaming matches, threats and walkouts but at the end, hardwork and dedication won and Apple had its biggest success!

Its not only the iPhone that has an incredible story behind it. When  Sanjay Jha, co-chief executive of Motorola took over, the company was in the doldrums. The fact that the iPhone was basking in all its tech glory didn't help Jha's cause either. So what did his team do? They let go off old technologies, thought out of the box and worked on developing Android based smartphones. The result being Motorola Droid and Cliq smartphones.

These two stories illustrate how whenever there is a will there is way. Those who takes calculative risks, strive for the best and get out off their comfort zone always leave an impact. 

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