Toshiba Unveils Fuel Cell Charger For Mobile Devices

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Toshiba's handheld Dynario is "a direct methanol fuel-cell…external power source that delivers power to mobile digital consumer products."  Plug the Dynario's USB cable into your battery-exhausted gizmo, then snap in one of the dedicated methanol cartridges and squeeze.  The methanol mixes with ambient oxygen, and after about 20 seconds of Chemistry 101, the unit begins producing electricity — enough to charge two typical mobile phones.

The unit ain't cheap: 29800 Yen ($328) for the charger, plus an additional 3150 Yen ($34) for five meth cartridges.  And Toshiba is only producing 3,000 Dynarios for starters.  Pre-orders begin as of October 22, with deliveries to begin on the 29th.  But if you absolutely, positively have no other means to charge your iPhone — no sun, no footpower, no car cigarette lighter — the Dynario may be your only solution. 

[Full specs at Toshiba]

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