Turn Out The Lites: You Can Now Buy Upgrades Within Free Apps

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The in-app purchase capability intro'd in OS 3.0, originally reserved for paid applications, has been extended to free apps as well.  This means that developers can sell content, subscriptions, services — even upgrades from said free apps.

In essence, what Apple has done is eliminate the need for a trial/"lite" version of a program, separate from the full-cost version.  Developers can, f'rinstance, offer an all-in-one version of their app that starts out free but limited ("crippleware" is such an ugly word), then becomes full-functioning once the user has paid the full purchase price to activate it.  Or a free app can come with the option to buy subscriptions or other services.

Kind of sounds like the classic shareware model of the late 80's/early 90's.  No word on whether the App Store will be extracting their vigorish from the in-app transactions…

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