UPDATE: 3GS Update Not “Un-Jailbreakable,” Just Pain-In-The-Butt

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Couple of days ago, we reported how the latest versions of the iPhone 3GS were shipping with a new Bootrom that KO'd the current ‚Äú24kPwn‚Äù jailbreaking exploit. With no new security holes on the horizon, the thought of an iPhone that couldn't be pwned by current means left the jailbreaking community with a collective case of agita.

Turns out the alarm may have been, if not false, then certainly premature.  Eric McDonald, a member of the iPhone Dev-Team, told Wire.com ‚ÄúIt‚Äôs not going to be impossible to jailbreak even if the exploit we used is gone.‚Äù

Apparently, while the newly shipping bootrom does interfere with 24kpwn, the main fallout is that the handset is more difficult to start up after it shuts down or runs out of juice, and must be tethered to a computer to reboot it.

MacDonald promised the Dev-Team would get a new jailbreak out just as soon as humanly possible, but for now the House of Jobs has made iPhone pwnage, if not impossible, then damned impractical.

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