We’ll Fix It In Post: ReelDirector Gives iPhone Videographers Stitching, Effects

Film/video editing, once the domain of experts with Moviolas and Scotch tape — or a TV control room full of syncronized VCR's – has gotten more compact, and more accessible over the last decade or so: Avid workstations begat Final Cut Pro on Macs for the industry heavyweights, which begat iMovie for the weekend Michael Bay's, which begat…

Well, ReelDirector, which shores up the iPhone 3GS's less-than-impressive video-cutting capabilities with niceties like titles, transitions, and — best of all — the true NLE ("non-linear editing") capability to cut and reorder video clips.  The rendered output can then be viewed on your iPhone, shared via email, or sent directly to YouTube.

So do like Troma Films prexie and Toxic Avenger creator Lloyd Kaufman sez: "MAKE YOUR OWN DAMN MOVIES!"

[US$8.00 at the App Store]

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