Wiki’s World: Cyclopedia’s Augmented Reality Helps You Learn, Not Shop

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The one thing that most current augmented-reality apps have in common is that they're commerce-based: The nearest subway station.  The nearest Subway sandwich shop.  None of 'em want to teach you anything about your surroundings.

Cyclopedia begs to differ.  It draws on Wikipedia entries — specifically, the 65,000 or so with geotagging info — then pops them up on your iPhone 3GS's live video feed.  Starting with a default radius of 30 miles, the user can then zoom in as close to their current location as they desire.  Near a location that Wikipedia lists, but doesn't geo-reference?  Go ahead and update the article yourself!  You can also search the whole of Wikipedia directly from the app.

There's a video on Cyclopedia's main page that gives a good overview of its capabilities.  While you're there, check out Chemical Wedding's other iPhone apps, including a nifty director's viewfinder app that's worth an upgrade to the 3GS all by itself.

[Available for US$1.99 in the App Store]

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